20-21 November 2014

15Hatfields, London, UK

Clojure at a Newspaper

Session Title

Clojure at a Newspaper

Session Type Case Study
Duration 45 minutes
Session Description

In March 2013 at the worlds biggest online newspaper, we set about rewriting the public facing website in Clojure.

This is the story.

We'll look at how an organic, evolutionary approach to building up a medium to large code-base worked well for us. We'll debate how Clojure is well suited to this over other languages.

We'll explore the motivations of Clojure vs Node vs Ruby vs what-was-there-before-look-away-it-was-horrible.

We'll dive into a lightweight architecture built on top of ElasticSearch, Zookeeper & Avout, Mustache, Hiccup, Riemann.

Testing strategies – A/B regression against the old website.

How we use Enlive in a separate service to manipulate the HTML coming from the front-end to feed it into the CMS.

How we scaled up a team to 10 devs in a relatively short space of time - the benefits we got and the challenges we faced.

Problems that exist in the medium term (what next for the team, Clojure at the MailOnline?).


Jon Pither (JUXT.pro)

Jon Pither has led development of large Clojure projects at an Investment Bank, the worlds bigger online newspaper website, and now for a major property portal. Jon is a co-found of JUXT.

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