20-21 November 2014

15Hatfields, London, UK

Down the Clojure Rabbit Hole

Session Title

Down the Clojure Rabbit Hole

Session Type Keynote
Duration 75 minutes
Session Description

Functional programming, Clojure and its community profoundly changed the way I code, reason and think about software.

I went down this peculiar rabbit hole, never came back and have tales to share on my ongoing journey.

Come and hear these stories full of immutability, data over behaviour, relational programming, declarativity, incrementalism, parallelism, collapsing abstractions, harmful local state and more.


Christophe Grand (Independent)

Christophe Grand is a French independent software engineer who got spoilt by early exposure to Caml.

He is an early member of the Clojure community, having used it for more than 6 years and has authored a number of libraries

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