October 24-25th, 2013 | Murray Edwards College, Cambridge UK

The UK Event for Functional Programming

Now in its 3rd year, FP Days brings together the best speakers on Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, F#, OCaml and Scala for 2 days of intense, practical learning and shared experiences.
Whether you're an FP beginner or a seasoned practitioner you're welcome to participate, meet your peers and have fun.

2 Day Conference

  • 25 Sessions
  • Social Evenings

High value, low cost event delivering honest learning you can use immediately. Actively learn, share experiences, & techniques. 1 & 2 day tickets available.

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Coming to FP Days means you're a part of the action. Code, practice & learn. Get ready to get your hands dirty.

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Keynote Speakers

You never know where a spark will come from to light an idea. FP Days is about sharing, not about sitting passively through talk after talk. Our keynotes are the touchpaper that sets your day off.

Philip Wadler

Keynote Speaker Philip Wadler

Philip Wadler is Professor of Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh. He is an ACM Fellow and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, past chair of ACM SIGPLAN, and past holder of a Royal Society-Wolfson Research Merit Fellowship. Previously, he worked or studied at Stanford, Xerox Parc, CMU, Oxford, Chalmers, Glasgow, Bell Labs, and Avaya Labs, and visited as a guest professor in Copenhagen, Sydney, and Paris. He has an h-index of 61, with more than 18,000 citations to his work according to Google Scholar.

He is a winner of the POPL Most Influential Paper Award, has contributed to the designs of Haskell, Java, and XQuery, and is a co-author of Introduction to Functional Programming (Prentice Hall, 1988), XQuery from the Experts (Addison Wesley, 2004) and Generics and Collections in Java (O'Reilly, 2006). He has delivered invited talks in locations ranging from Aizu to Zurich.

Keynote: A practical theory of Language-Integrated Query

Bodil Stokke

Keynote Speaker Bodil Stokke

Bodil is a developer, frequent speaker and occasional teacher of web technology and the dark realm of Lisp. She is currently leading the web dev team at Arktekk, a consultancy in Oslo, Norway.

She is best known as the creator of the Catnip IDE, and for her contributions to the field of programming language theory, especially the Facial Hair Theory of Language Design. She holds a doctorate in Metaphysics from ULC, and her favourite pony is Rainbow Dash

Keynote: Programming, Only Better

Robert Virding

Keynote Speaker Robert Virding

How requirements from the Old World make Erlang fit into the New World

Robert Virding is Principal Language Expert at Erlang Solutions Ltd. Robert was one of the original members of the Ericsson Computer Science Lab, and co-inventor of the Erlang language. He took part in the original system design and contributed much of the original libraries, as well as to the current compiler. While at the lab he also did a lot of work on the implementation of logic and functional languages and on garbage collection.

He is also an entrepreneur and co-founded one of the first Erlang startups (Bluetail). Robert also worked a number of years at the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) Modelling and Simulations Group. He co-authored the first book (Prentice-Hall) on Erlang, and is regularly invited to teach and present throughout the world.

Keynote: How requirements from the Old World make Erlang fit into the New World

Sam Aaron

Keynote Speaker Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron is a researcher, software architect and live programmer with a deep fascination surrounding the notion of programming as a form of communication. His previous research and industry work focused upon the design and implementation of DSLs in order to allow concepts to be communicated and transposed more effectively and efficiently.

Sam is currently the lead developer on a suite of open source tools: Overtone, a collaborative programmable music environment; Quil, an enhanced Clojure version of the visual language Processing; Emacs Live, a curated suite of Emacs tools, placing strong emphasis on live feedback and visual cues. Sam is also a member of the live coding band Meta-eX which he uses as a vehicle to directly explore and practice many of his ideas in this field.

Keynote: Live Coding and Communication

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